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How to create accessible self-service Web Portals and link to messages.

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How to Create Portals

Last Updated 2 weeks ago

Create a Web Portal to create forms, info pages, and allow clients to manage their own profile

Customize Add to Calendar Templates

Last Updated 2 weeks ago

How to customize the Portals Add to Calendar Title and Description

How to Manage Portal Check-ins

Last Updated 3 weeks ago

Enable check-ins for physical locations and virtual meetings.

How to Create Redirect Links

Last Updated 6 months ago

Create redirect links to maintain control over links that are shared in messages and other client-facing resources. Maintain your agency's credibility by always using your official domain. Automatically create links to redirect visitors to external sites.

How to Track Geolocation on Portal Visits

Last Updated 7 months ago

Track geolocation and device data when visitors access portal links. Ensure clients are in authorized locations and increase message delivery validation.

How to Track Geolocation on Portal Visits

How to Create Location Portals

Last Updated 11 months ago

Create a Location Portal to provide Location-specific information with real-time weather integrations.

How to Create Portal Forms

Last Updated 11 months ago

Collect responses using dynamic web forms embedded on a Portal.

How to Create Informational Posts

Last Updated 11 months ago

Share longer forms of multimedia, multilingual information linked to outbound messages.

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