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Create multiple agencies to use eCourtDate for different use cases, us

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Last updated 7 months ago
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Create multiple agencies to use eCourtDate for different use cases, user groups, departments, and/or locations. eCourtDate's multi-agency design allows you to isolate each agency for a specific need.

What's an agency?

In eCourtDate, each Agency is a unique account with its configuration and data. Similar to creating multiple profiles on your computer, each agency allows you to better control your messaging and usage.

You may create different agencies for any purpose. For example, a County may want to create an agency for Municipal Court, Adult Probation, Juvenile Probation, etc. An AOC or IT office may create an agency for each district in their jurisdiction.

Data and configuration are not shared across agencies. A Super Admin user on agency A may be a limited Officer on Agency B (or not even added to Agency B).

When to create a new agency?

  • You want to use eCourtDate for different client types (Jurors, Defendants, Probationers, etc).

  • You want to use eCourtDate for staff in different physical locations.

  • You are an administrative or IT office serving multiple groups, departments, districts, or locations.

To create a new agency:

Step 1) Log in to the Console.

Step 2) Click on Tools.

Step 3) Complete the Create Agency form:

Create agency form

Note: You can change the Name and Time Zone once the agency is created from the General Settings page. You can't change the region once created.

Step 4) Click on Create Agency button. You'll see a confirmation message:

Confirmation message after creating an eCourtDate agency

Step 5) Within a few minutes, you'll receive a New eCourtDate Agency email:

New eCourtDate Agency email

Step 6) Click on the Login Now button in the email.

Step 7) Once logged in, you may need to switch to the new agency. Learn how to switch agencies here.

Step 8) Click on the agency name at the bottom of any page:

in-app eCourtDate agency name

Step 9) Click on the Onboarding button:

eCourtDate onboarding button

Step 10) Use the onboarding page as a dynamic checklist to help you set up your new agency:

eCourtDate dynamic onboarding page

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