How to Create a Custom Domain

Use your own Custom Domain for portal and dashboard links.

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Last updated 8 months ago
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Use your own Custom Domain for portal and dashboard links.

Why Use a Custom Domain?

Custom domains allow you to replace the default eCourtDate domains with your own domain. This increases recipient trust when a link uses your domain.

The following features support custom domains:

  • Web Portals
  • Payment Portals
  • Data Dashboards



You will need a unique hostname (ex: that is not currently being used for other purposes.

You will need access to the DNS (domain name server) provider to complete domain verification.

How to Create a Domain

Step 1) Login to the eCourtDate Console.

Step 2) Click on Domains in the top menu.

Step 3) Click the Add button and fill in the form:

- Choose the Alias based on the feature you'd like to use the domain for. 

Add Custom Domain in the Console


Step 4) You'll be redirected to the newly created domain. Based on the Alias chosen, you'll need to configure two DNS records in your domain provider:

  • A CNAME record that points from your domain to the alias fallback.
  • A TXT record to verify the ownership of the domain.

Verify Domain DNS Records

Step 5) After configuring the DNS records in your domain provider, the Domain Status should update to Active. This may take 24 - 48 hours but is generally updated within 1 hour.

Step 6) If the Domain Status is Active, click on Activate Domain to point the domain to the alias.

Step 7) Once activated, the Domain Status should show as Live.

Step 8) (optional) Change the Default Agency if you'd like to use the domain for a different agency.

Step 9) (optional) Enable additional agencies in the Enabled Agencies section.

Console Domain Live Status

What to Expect

Once the domain and SSL status are active, you should be able to choose the domain when creating or updating a Portal or Dashboard.

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