How to Configure Agency Email Settings

How to set up replies from your agency's email address

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How to set up replies from your agency's email address

eCourtDate allows you to choose whether you want to enable inbound emails.

This feature is handy if you want to control the emails you receive.

Court and probation officers may set auto-replies to emails. Auto-forward emails to the user.

How to configure inbound email settings

Step 1) From the top gear icon, go to Settings.

Admin settings menu bar eCourtDate platform

Step 2) From the settings page, go to Agency Emails.

Settings Agency emails on the eCourtDate platform

How to configure reply to, carbon copy, and blind carbon copy

I) Fill out the email address to which you want to receive inbound replies in the 'Reply To' field.

II) Carbon Copy allows you to Cc the email address on all outbound emails

III) You can add the email address as a Bcc to any outgoing email message using the 'Blind Carbon Copy' option.

reply to email settings on the eCourtDate platform

How to customize agency email subject, header, footer, and signature

I) Fill in the 'Default Subject' field to set the subject for the email.

II) Complete the fields 'Header' and 'Footer' to create the email header and footer

III) Type your agency's signature in the 'Signature' field.

email outline form

How to configure auto-forward inbound emails

I) To auto-forward all inbound agency emails, fill out the 'Auto-Forward Inbound Emails' field.

II) To auto-forward emails to only specific user roles, fill out the 'Auto-Forward Inbound Emails by User Role' field. Below is an example where inbound emails will be forwarded automatically to users with the 'Officer' role.

How to configure inbound auto-reply

Set up automatic inbound replies to all agency inbound emails by filling out the message you wish to be sent to your clients.

inbound auto reply settings


  • Users can activate multiple agency emails. Enable the primary button to make an email the primary email.

primary button

  • Change the 'Template Layout' field to HTML to update the default email template.

email template layout settings

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