Assign Users in Bulk

How to Assign Users to Clients with Bulk Actions

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Last updated 4 months ago

Assign Users in Bulk

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How to Assign Users to Clients with Bulk Actions

Use Bulk Actions to assign clients to one or more users.

Step 1) Click on Bulk Actions.

Step 2) In Add a Bulk Action, change Action Type to Assign Users

Step 3) Click Add Bulk Action.

Step 4) Choose the user you'd like to assign clients to.

Step 5) (optional) Enable Unassign Current Users to remove any currently assigned users.

Step 6) (optional) Enable Notify Assign To in order to notify the newly assigned user.

Step 6) (optional) Use the Search Clients to limit the bulk action to certain clients. For example, use the Assigned User field to filter clients based on the currently assigned user.

Step 7) Click the Save button to review your bulk action

Step 8) When ready, click Live Run to complete the bulk action. You'll receive an email once complete.

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