How to Create Redirect Links

Create redirect links to maintain control over links that are shared i

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Last updated 6 months ago
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Create redirect links to maintain control over links that are shared in messages and other client-facing resources. Maintain your agency's credibility by always using your official domain. Automatically create links to redirect visitors to external sites.

Why Use Redirect Links?

Redirect links are portal URLs that automatically redirect visitors to a desired third-party website.

Control when visitors are able to visit temporary URLs such as for virtual meeting links.

Improve message credibility and minimize spam filtering by using your official domain in portal and redirect links.

Update the redirect link to change where visitors are redirected without needing to send out new links.

Trash or archive a redirect link to disable visitors from accessing the link.


You must have at least one configured Web Portal.

Read here about how to create portals.

How to Manually Create Redirect Links

  1. From the Dashboard, click Admin > Portals.
  2. Click the Redirects tab.
  3. Fill in the Add Redirect form and click Add.

Click any redirect link in the table to customize the following options:

  • Redirect URL: the link that you want visitors to be redirected to.
  • Name: an internal name for the redirect link.
  • Portal: the portal that you want to use for the redirect link.

Click Save to apply any changes.

Edit Redirect Link Form

Click Public Link to test the redirect link. You should expect to be redirected automatically to the redirect link.

How to Automatically Create Redirect Links

Automatically Replace Links General Setting

  1. From the Dashboard, click Admin > Settings.
  2. In the General Settings page: enable the Automatically Replace Links setting.
  3. Click Save to apply your change.

Any external links received in messages will be automatically replaced with a redirect link using the default web portal. 

To test, go to the Dashboard and send a one-off message with a link. You should expect to see the link automatically replaced regardless of its placement in the message.

Each message can support any number of external links.

Each link in a message will be replaced with a unique redirect link for tracking purposes.



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