How to Restore Clients via Bulk Actions

Restoring via Bulk Actions empowers eCourtDate users to efficiently re

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Last updated 7 months ago
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Restoring via Bulk Actions empowers eCourtDate users to efficiently restore multiple clients from the trash, simplifying client management tasks, ensuring data integrity, and facilitating quick recovery for improved client organization.

Why Restore Clients via Bulk Actions?

Restore Clients via Bulk Actions to automatically restore any clients that have been previously archived or trashed.


Before restoring clients via Bulk Actions, ensure that you have the necessary permissions to manage client records and access the client trash folder.

How to Restore Clients via Bulk Actions

Step 1) From the main navigation bar, go to the Bulk Actions

main navbar bulk actions

Step 2) Set the Action Type to "Restore Clients," then click the "Add" button.

trash/archive bulk action

Step 3: To search for desired clients, select preferred parameters on the left and click "Live Run" to restore clients. It's important to enable Archived/Trashed settings to get search results. If you're looking for specific clients, use archived from date filters to refine your search.

archived trashed toggle settings

What to Expect

After completing the client restoration process, you can expect the following:

- Clients will be successfully restored from the trash to their original locations.
- A confirmation email message will confirm the restoration action you've taken.

Frequently Asked Questions

Question: Is there a limit to the number of clients I can restore at once using Bulk Actions?
Answer: The number of clients you can restore depends on your client limit settings.

Question: Does restoring clients via Bulk Actions overwrite any existing data or settings?
Restoring clients preserves data and settings without overwriting, ensuring integrity.

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