How to Manage Portal Check-ins

Enable check-ins for physical locations and virtual meetings.

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Last updated 3 weeks ago
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Enable check-ins for physical locations and virtual meetings.

In this example, we'll create a Web Portal that allows clients to check-in. Once configured, we'll get a link that can be used in Message Templates or shared externally. We can create a QR code in mailed letters and display in physical locations.


1) From the top navigation, click Admin > Portals.

2) Click to edit an existing Portal or create a new one.

3) In the Portal Preview, click the Checkin tab.

4) Customize the Checkin Settings and click Save to apply any changes.

- We recommend clicking the Configure Default Fields button to start with a ready check-in form.

Check-In Settings

  • Title: multilingual title for the check-in page.
  • Description: multilingual description for the check-in page.
  • Location: choose the default Location for the check-in page.
  • Notify: comma-separated list of phones and emails to notify on new check-ins.
  • Auto Message: trigger a specific Auto Message to notify the check-in user (or use the Auto Message Checkin Created trigger)
  • Maximum Distance: set a maximum number of miles visitors can check in from the check-in location.
    • If the Location is Virtual, the Agency Address set in General Settings calculates the distance from the visitor.
    • Ensure that the Portal Geolocation Tracking setting is not disabled.
  • Check-In Fields: click to enable any desired fields in your check-in form. 
    • Click the field label to customize any field name.


Portal Link

To include the Check In link in the Portal side navigation, click the Add Checkin button under Sidebar Navigation.

Click the Open Link button to view the check-in form. This is the link that you can share with any client to check-in.

Use the [CheckinLink] Merge Tag to include the check-in link in any message template.

QR Codes

Click the Generate QR Code button under Portal Preview to create a QR code.

Scheduled Events

Enable a Check In button for scheduled events. 

Click Admin > Settings > find the Enable Check-ins setting.

Once enabled, you can customize how far before and after the Check In button is shown for scheduled events.

The button is available 24 hours before the event date and time by default.

The event's Location (if chosen), is used for the Check-in Location (in place of the default check-in location).




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