How to Run Reverse Lookups

Lookup details on any given phone number or email address. Validate yo

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Last updated 7 months ago
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Lookup details on any given phone number or email address. Validate your contact lists, improve message deliverability, and improve verification for self-enrollees.

Why Run Reverse Lookups?

Lookups allow you to validate and optimize contact lists to ensure maximum reach for your outbound notifications.

Quickly identify outdated, invalid, disposable, or spam contacts without needing to send a message or require interaction from the contact.

How to Lookup a Phone Number or Email Address

Step 1) From the Dashboard, click on the Lookups tab.

Step 2) In the Add Lookup form:

  • Enter the phone or email.
  • (optional) Choose whether to disable social media profile results.
  • Click the Add button.

Add Lookup Form

Step 3) You'll be redirected to the newly created lookup.

Any available lookup data is available immediately. 

If no lookup data is found - or the lookup was invalid - you'll see a No Lookup Data alert message.

If you run a lookup that was previously created in the last 30 days, you'll be redirected to the existing lookup.

Lookup Data Example for Phone Number


Phone Numbers

  • Line Type (mobile, landline, fixed, VoIP).
  • Carrier
  • Caller ID Name
  • Number Portability
  • Number Validity
  • Country Code
  • Area Code Location

Email Addresses

  • Email Validity
  • Email Disposable Status
  • Email Free/Commercial

Social Media Profiles

If the Social Media option was enabled:

Any found social media profiles will be available in the lookup data.

Social media results may include Facebook, LinkedIn, and X (Twitter).

How to Automatically Run Lookups

Click on Admin / Settings from the top navigation.

Toggle the Automatically Run Lookups option. 

Click Save after making any changes.

Automatically Run Lookups Button

What to Expect When Automatically Run Lookups is Enabled

Any newly created Contacts will run a lookup (if an existing lookup is not found).

Lookups are created if the contact is manually created, uploaded, or through the API.

Any inbound calls from unknown contacts will create a lookup. 

If the lookup is a phone number and is identified as incapable of receiving SMS (line type is fixed or landline), then the contact channel is automatically updated to voice. This prevents failed texts if you send outbound messages to the contact.

How to Run a Lookup When Viewing a Message or Contact

When viewing an individual message or contact,Lookup Data section is shown.

The most recently created lookup for the given phone or email is displayed.

If there is no lookup found, click the Run Lookup button to create a lookup:

Run Lookup Button

A summary of results will then appear. Click the View Lookup button to go to the full lookup page:

Lookup Data after clicking Run Lookup example

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