How to Send a Gift Card

Instantly purchase gift cards from leading retailers and marketplaces.

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Last updated 7 months ago
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Instantly purchase gift cards from leading retailers and marketplaces. Send gift card redemption details to any recipient.

Why Purchase Gift Cards?

Send gift cards to any recipient, such as jurors or employees. Gift cards are a convenient and secure way to compensate or reward recipients.


  • You'll need a Payment Portal to send gift card notifications.


How to Purchase a Gift Card

Step 1) From the Dashboard, click on Payments in the top navigation, then the Gift Cards tab:

Step 2) Fill in the Add Gift Card form, then click Add when ready:

  • Brand
  • Amount (from $15 - $100 each)
  • Quantity
  • Phone or Email (optional)
  • Portal (optional)

Add Gift Card form

Step 3) Click on the newly created gift card in the table.

How to Send a Gift Card

Choose a gift card that you've purchased.

Choose a Payment Portal and enter a phone number or email address.

A notification will be automatically sent with the link to activate the gift card.

Send a Gift Card with Example Message

How to Activate a Gift Card

When the recipient opens the portal link, the portal prompts for their phone or email:

You have received a gift card demo

If their submission is successful, the gift card details are immediately shown:

Demo of an activated gift card


  • Gift cards are non-refundable.
  • On staging, gift card redemption codes are simulated and for testing purposes.
  • Gift card fees are charged to your account in addition to the gift card value.
  • On production, gift cards are instantly purchased.



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