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Auto-forward inbound texts from authorized users to quickly notify cli

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Auto-forward inbound texts from authorized users to quickly notify client groups.

How to Auto-Forward Messages to Client Groups

Authorized users can quickly notify groups of clients by simply texting a message to a phone number. Each phone number can support multiple groups or create separate phone numbers for varying use cases (Training, Emergencies, General).

Clients can be any end recipients such as employees or officers. 

Allow clients to sign up directly through a self-enroll portal. Create separate portals per group or enable the Group field to allow clients to choose.


1) Login to your eCourtDate agency.

2) Click Admin > Settings > Agency Phones.

3) Click to edit the desired Agency Phone.

Use the Create form if you don't have an existing Agency Phone (or to use as a separate number).

4) In Inbound Settings > Auto-Forward Inbound Texts to Clients by Group:

Click each group to enable or disable auto-forwarding.

To manage Groups: click Admin > Settings and edit the Default Groups setting.


Ensure your user profile has the phone number that will send messages to the Agency Phone. 

Click Admin > Users and check the Phone setting.

The phone number must match a user profile in the agency with at least the following permissions:

  • Create Messages
  • Create Bulk Actions
  • Update Bulk Actions

Send a text message from the user's phone number. You should expect to see a Send a Message Bulk Action immediately created once the inbound message is received.

The Bulk Action should be filtered only for clients in the enabled groups. 

The Bulk Action should immediately run (in live mode if in production live mode, otherwise in simulate mode).

The delay is based on the General Settings Default Message Delay setting.

To send messages immediately, configure the Default Message Delay as 0 and enable Send Immediately on the same page.

Each message is created as Send a Message Bulk Action. Click Bulk Actions in the top navigation to view any previously created messages.

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