About Waitlist Checkins

Check-in clients using the Waitlist

Click on Events on the top navigation menu (step1), then select Waitlist from the dropdown list (step2).

Step 1

Step 2

Once on the Waitlist page, all clients with an event for that day will be listed there.

You can search for clients using the Search Waitlist field. (1)

You can add a client by clicking on Add Client button. (2)

Client contacts can be added by entering client phone number or email in Add contact field. (3)

When a client arrives in the building's vicinity and sends a text message containing any of the acceptable Checkin words (arrive, arriv, arrived, arived, here, im here, i'm here, present, 👍) their Status is updated in real time to show that they've arrived.

When it is time for the client to enter the building, you can either send them a One-off message or an Auto Message.

To send a One-off message, click on the Send Message button (1), enter the message content in the Message field (2), then click on Send Message button (3)

To send an Auto Message, click on the Messages icon (1) then select the Auto Message template to send (2).

Refer to Auto Messages article on how to set up Auto Message templates.

The Checkin message is sent to the client.

After a client has arrived and has been checked-in, you can update their Status by clicking on the Clipboard icon (1). This will update the client's Status to CHECKED-IN (2).