Understanding Roles and Permissions

Assign user permissions based on their roles.

Go to the Settings page (step1) then click on User Roles (step2).

Step 1: Click on the gear icon, then on Settings in the drop-down menu.

Step 2: On Settings page, click on User Roles on the left side.

Once on the User Roles tab, fill in the Add Role form with the relevant permissions from the Permissions drop-down list.

For the purposes of this help article, we will be creating an Admin role with all permissions.
Click on the Add All button at the bottom of the form. This will populate this User Role with all the permissions.

After filling in the form with the proper permissions for the User Role (in this case, it is an admin role with all permissions), click Save at the top right corner.
Once saved, the newly created User Role will show in the User Roles list.

Now that we have our User Role, go to the Users page (step1), fill in the Add User form, then click on Add User button (step2).

Step 1

Step 2

Click on the newly created User on the user grid.

Once on the newly created user's page, select the created User Role from the Roles drop-down (1) and click Save (2).

The user now has all the permissions granted by the created User Role (Admin role with all permissions in this case).