Merge Tags Cheat Sheet

Insert dynamic information in your messages.

You'll use Merge Tags while creating Flows and customizing templates such as the email footer.

Merge Tags are automatically replaced with dynamic information based on the client the message is sent to.

  • [ClientName] becomes Stacy Rogers
  • [EventDateTime] becomes June 30, 2018 02:45 PM*
  • [EventDate] becomes June 30, 2018*
  • [EventTime] becomes 02:45 PM*
  • [Location] becomes Central County Court*
  • [LocationLink] becomes a Google Maps link to the location.
  • [LocationFullAddress] becomes 1 Central Court Ave, Metro City 12345
  • [LocationNotes] becomes notes assigned to a location (room number, floor, dress code...)
  • [LocationPhone] becomes 202-217-1668*
  • [LocationWebsite] becomes the location's website
  • [FlowName] becomes Court Date*
  • [JudgeName] becomes Judge Morra*
  • [CaseNumber] becomes AA0912889*
  • [EventType] becomes Arraignment*
  • [PortalLink] becomes a personalized link to the client case portal.


  • Output is based on the formats chosen in Settings.
  • Event Merge Tags such as [EventDate] won't work on any template fields in Settings.