How to Create a Location

Add court, administrative building, and any other type of location.

Go to the Locations page.

Once on the Locations page, fill in the Add Location search field (image 1). The field is equipped with instant search, meaning a list of results will show and update while you are typing (image 2).

Image 1

Image 2

Click on the location address from the search list once you find it.
This will prompt the location to show on the map. Click on the Save Location button.

The created location will show in the Locations grid under the map after clicking the Save Location button from the previous step.
To further edit the location, click on the newly created location from the grid.

Once on the newly created location's page, you can update it with more information.
All saved locations are defaulted to show on the Case Portal, you can disable this option at the bottom of the Location form.

All locations support adding Locale notes. Find and fill in the Locales form at the bottom of the created location page and click Enter on your keyboard.

Select the created Locale to further edit it.

Fill in the expanded Locale form with any notes pertaining to the saved Location.