How to Generate Automated Reports

Use the Reports feature to generate downloadable reports in CSV format

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Use the Reports feature to generate downloadable reports in CSV format automatically.

Use Reports to track eCourtDate messages, events, and client data.

We generally recommend at least the following:
  • Monthly Outbound Messages Report
  • Monthly Failed Messages Report

Each Agency can have an unlimited number of Reports.

Use the following steps to create a new report:

Step 1: Click on Reports in the main navigation.

Step 2: In the Add a Report section, enter your preferred Report Name, then click Add Report.

Add a Report Card in eCourtDate

Step 3: Click on the Report that you created in the table.

Step 4: Choose your preferred report options. This example is for a report that automatically generates an export at the beginning of each month for the previous month:

  • Default From Date: Start of Month
  • Default To Date: End of Month
  • Auto-Export: Month
  • Notify When Auto-Export is Complete: Choose any specific Users and/or Groups.
  • Attach to Emails: Enable this option to attach the export to each export notification.


Monthly Report Example

Step 5: Use the Add a Dataset section to add at least one dataset. 

Add Dataset Section in eCourtDate Report

Step 6: If there are any messages within the Date Range, you should see messages in the Dataset table:

Example Dataset in Report

Step 7: Click on the Edit Dataset button to configure the dataset.

  • Dataset Name
  • Dataset Fields
  • Dataset Filters

Example Edit Dataset

Automatically generated exports will appear in the Auto-Exports section:

Each Auto-Export is based on the Date Range configured in the report. Click on the export to download the file.

Any notified recipients also receive a copy of the export if Attach to Emails is enabled.

Example Auto Exports List


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