Some Key Info to Get You Started With eCourtDate

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We support automated messaging in as many languages as you'd like to support with English as the default. Reminder templates will need to be translated into each supported language. We usually recommend getting started with English and Spanish.


We support automated messaging via texts (SMS), calls, and emails. Since we can identify landlines automatically, we recommend calls only when the phone number cannot receive texts.
We are able to completely disabled channels as needed.


Demographic data may be used to segment messaging, create analytical and interactive reports, and group clients automatically. We recommend including date of birth and gender at a minimum but any additional properties may be provided. A client profile typically consists of:

  • Unique Reference/ID
  • First Name, Middle Name, Last Name
  • Date of Birth
  • Gender
  • Preferred Language
  • Phones / Emails / Social Media URLs

Historical FTA Rates

If provided, we can analyze pre-reminders data to create historical FTA rates. We are then able to compare pre and post-reminders data within the same date ranges automatically.

We can create power analyses, A/B comparisons, and segment rates by case type, location, judge, and demographics in processed and raw formats.

Unique References

Any fields that serve as unique identifiers should be identified as the "Reference" field. Clients, Events, Cases, and Locations may all have unique references.

Disabling Statuses

We can disabled sending additional messages based on custom status codes. For example, a "CONT" code may disabled any remaining scheduled messages until the next hearing date is reset.

Opt-in Policy

We recommend including opt-in verbiage in the citation or intake paperwork. For example:

Opt-in to Receive Automated Reminders About Your Case
The notification service may be modified or discontinued at any time. {AgencyName} cannot control or be responsible for the non-delivery or late receipt of emails, text messages, and voice messages. By enrolling in the reminder service, I acknowledge and agree to receive notifications about my case now and in the future. The service is provided to you free of charge by {AgencyName}. Standard text message charges by your carrier may apply.

Alternatively, we can send opt-in messages to clients before sending any additional reminders. For example:

{ClientName} has an upcoming court date on {EventDateTime}. Failure to attend may result in penalties and jail time. To receive free messages about your date, reply YES or click here: {OptinLink}

To comply with FCC rules about SMS messages, recipients are always able to opt-out by replying with a STOP keyword (stop, quit, exit, cancel).

Post Failure to Appear Message

If a client fails to appear, we can send a message advising them of additional consequences. According to a study by the University of Chicago Crime Lab, there was a 32% reduction in open warrants for people who receive reminders and a post-FTA message. For examples:

Due to missing court on {EventDateTime}, a warrant may have been issued for your arrest. Appear within 24 hours at {LawEnforcementAddress} to avoid further consequences. Learn more: {GeoPortalLink}

We can continue sending the post-FTA message on a weekly basis until the client appears or a max number of messages is reached (such as 3 messages).

From Phone and Email

If you are sending emails, then we'll need an email address to use as the "From Email". We'll send a verification email to the provided address to prove ownership. Once done, we're able to use the email as the sender and default Reply-To address. We can also customize email templates to include your header, footer, and any legal language.

if you are sending texts or calls, then we'll activate a dedicated phone number as the "From Phone". We'll need your preferred and second choice area codes for a phone number.

Inbound Calls and Messages

Since recipients are able to reply and call in to the from phones and emails, we recommend the following inbound policy:

Inbound Texts and Emails

  • If the message is a language keyword for an enabled language (such as espanñol), then change the client's language to the preferred language.
  • If the message triggers any custom keyword action (such as for CONFIRM required messages), then reply with whatever the auto reply that is defined.
  • If the message is otherwise not understood, then the following auto reply is sent:
    • "This is an unmonitored inbox. If you have any questions, please contact {CourtPhoneNumber}, visit our website at {CourtWebsite}, or learn more about your case here {CaseLink}"

Inbound Calls

A text to speech voice (either male of female) plays an audio message.

If the phone number is recognized as a client with an upcoming court date, then:

{ClientName} has a scheduled court date for Case Number {CaseNumber} on {EventDateTime} at {LocationName}. For further questions, please contact {CourtPhoneNumber} or press 1 to be connected.

If the phone number is not recognized as a client with an upcoming court date, then:

This is an unmonitored inbox. If you have any questions, please contact {CourtPhoneNumber}, visit our website at {CourtWebsite}, or press 1 to be connected.


Any locations that we may send reminders to such as Courts and Probation Offices. For each location, we'll need:

  • Name
  • Address
  • Website / Phone / Email

Sub-locations such as court rooms can be aggregated over time and aren't required during the initial setup.

Reminder Templates

When Event is Created

Notice: A court date has been scheduled for [ClientName] for Case Number [CaseNumber] on [EventDate] at [EventTime] at [Location]. To opt-out of free reminders reply with only: STOP. Learn more: [PotalLink]

7 Days Prior

Reminder: [ClientName] has a scheduled court date for case number [CaseNumber] on [EventDate] at [EventTime] at [Location]. For questions about your court date you may call [PhoneNumber] To OPT out of Reminders please reply with STOP. Learn more: [PortalLink]

3 Days Prior

Reminder: a court date is coming up for [ClientName] on [EventDay]. Missing court can lead to arrest and severe penalties. To opt-out of free reminders, reply with STOP. Learn more: [PortalLink]

Morning of at 6 AM

Good Morning, [ClientName] has a scheduled court date today for case number [CaseNumber] on [EventDate] at [EventTime] at [Location]. Arrive early as court may be busy due to traffic. Missing court can lead to arrest and severe penalties. To opt-out of free reminders, reply with STOP. Learn more: [PortalLink]

Business Hours Delay

If you'd like to not send certain messages during non-business hours, then the message may have "Delay to Business Hours" enabled. For example:

If a message that is sent when an event is initially scheduled at 1am, then it can be delayed to 9 AM.

If a message that is sent over the weekend, can be delayed to Monday.

Business Hours and Days can be configured with any custom schedule. In general, we don't recommend delaying reminders on weekends as that may mean reminders for events on Mondays - Tuesdays are potentially delayed.

Users and Permissions

We are able to create roles and permissions for user management. We usually reminder the following roles:

Super Admin
Can do anything, including delete production data.

Can do anything except delete production data.

Can create any type of report and dataset but cannot change nay clients, events, cases, or settings data.

Can view anything but cannot edit, create, or delete anything.

Can manage their own clients and clients assigned to them but cannot change/view any settings or reports (other than client level reports).

We have built-in options for user SSO, multi-factor authentication, and third-party logging.

During the initial setup, we recommend limiting internal users to an all admin team. Usually, these teams consist of testers, engineering/integration resources, data analysts, and business decision makers.

Agency Info and Identity

We'll need basic profile information about your agency, including:

  • Organization Name
  • Physical Address
  • Phone / Email / Website
  • Logo / Seal (highest resolution available)