How to Create a Flow

Create Flows and Flow Messages to use for different types of reminders and notifications.

Click on the Flows page on the top navigation menu.

Once on the Flows page, fill in the Add Flow form and click Add Flow button.

Click on the newly created flow showing in the flows grid.

Once on the newly created flow's page, you can assign a phone and email for the flow to use. Check out how to create an Agency Phone or an Agency Email.

Click on the Messages tab on the left side.

On the Messages tab, select a trigger (step1) and fill in the rest of Add Message form (step2).

Step 1

Step 2

Note: each trigger has a different set of settings that needs to be configured.
Learn more about Message Triggers.

Refer to the Merge Tags cheat sheet when adding flow message templates.

Once all set up, click Save.

Flows can have multiple Flow Messages with different triggers to fit your needs.

Configure each Flow Message to fit your needs.

Flow message Recipients are the contacts notified alongside the defendant.

Flow message Channels are the different communication channels used to message the defendant.

Flow message Send Time is used to override the default send time that is calculated based on the event time.

Flow message Delay to Business Hours is used to delay the send time to your agency's set business hours. Learn more about Business Hours.