Use the Availability Templates feature to create bookable events based on dynamic schedules.

Step 1: Click on Events / Availabilities in the main navigation:

Availabilities link in eCourtDate main navigation

Step 2: Choose a Name then click on the Add Availability button:

ex: Office Appointment

Step 3: Click on the newly created Availability in the table:

Example Office Appointment availability

Step 4: Choose a Portal to host the Availability link:

Read this article on how to create Portals.

Step 5: Fill in the Event Type. Any events with the same type will be included in the scheduling rules (including events created from other sources such as Uploads).

Without an event type, all events will be included in the scheduling rules.

Example Event Type

Step 6: Fill in a Description to show on the booking link:

Example Availability Description

Step 7: Fill in your desired scheduling rules:

Example Scheduling Rules with Event Duration, Start Time, and Max Events

Step 8: Add any emails and phones to receive booking notifications:

Example comma-separated phones and emails to notify bookings

Step 9: Choose an Auto Message to require the booker to click to confirm their request:

Step 10: Click on Save Availability to save any changes:

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