Scheduling your drug testing via eCourtDate became much easier - and more colorful! When creating a schedule, you can assign different colors to the same the day. That way, you can easily see at a glance what's happening when, and you can even schedule the colors a month ahead. To use the new color-coding feature, follow the following steps:

  1. On the main navigation bar, go to Events, Schedules.

  2. Fill in the Color, Starting Date and Time, and Ending Date and Time, then click "Create Schedule."

  3. New schedules should appear on the calendar and in the overview area below the calendar once they are created.

  4. You can update or delete an existing schedule by clicking on it. Once satisfied with the changes, click "Update Schedule" to confirm your changes. To delete the schedule, click the Delete button.

    To use the Color Code feature, your agency must have the correct "Business Hours" settings. Below is a sample screenshot:

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