You can easily send messages in Bulk to your clients. This feature is handy if you must communicate with many contacts simultaneously.

Using this feature, officers can simultaneously communicate court closures to all their clients to save time and keep them informed.

To use Bulk Actions:

Step 1) From the main navigation bar, go to the Bulk Actions

main navigation bar

Step 2) Set the Action Type to "Send A Message," then click the "Add Bulk Action" button.

Add a bulk action

Step 3) Start composing the desired message in the message box or prefill using the "Auto Message" button.

Bulk action form


  • Message Delay in minutes refers to the time it takes for a message to be scheduled to a recipient.

  • A message sent through a messaging channel is sent From Phone

  • Email channel messages are sent From Email

Step 4) You can search for the desired clients by selecting the preferred parameters on the left. You can search for clients by event date, location, assigned user, flow, and many other factors. Click the "Search" button once you have chosen.

Search clients form

Step 5) Once satisfied with the client list and the message, click "Live Run."

Live run form


  • "Save" will allow you to send it later manually.

  • With the "Schedule Run" option, you can schedule a bulk action at a specific time and date.

  • "Test Run" will simulate sending it.

  • To delete a bulk action, click "Trash."

  • You can view it in "CSV" format by downloading it.

  • To re-use the bulk action, you can "clone" it.

Once the Bulk Action is complete, users can perform the followings:

Complete bulk action
  • To delete the bulk action, click "Trash."

  • You can download the list of affected clients in "CSV" format.

  • You can view the messages sent by clicking the "Messages" button.

  • To re-use the bulk action, you can "clone" it.

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