Add Contact Information for a Client

Add and Validate Client Emails and Phone Numbers

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Follow the steps to create a client if you haven't already created one.

Go to the Clients page (step1) and select a client (step2).

Step 1

Clients link in eCourtDate application

Step 2

Choose a client

On the selected client's page, add a phone number and an email and click Add Contact.

Client without any contacts

Each contact needs to be added individually.

Add contacts for each client

The added contacts will then run through validation and return the results as follows:

Added phone number validation details.

Phone validation details

Added email validation details.

Email validation details

Created contacts are auto-notifiable by default.

New contacts are notifiable by default

Client phones and emails cannot be updated with different values. To update a client's existing contact, delete the contact and add a new one.